Camille Becerra’s Paloma Goes Up in Flames


Last night we spotted the FDNY fighting what seemed like a Dumpster fire across the street from Gemma, but that was small potatoes — NY Press’s blog is reporting that cheftestant Camille Becerra’s Greenpoint restaurant, Paloma, caught fire last night not because of Obamaniacs (though they were out in full force in Williamsburg) but rather after an electrical fire started upstairs. The official word is that four people, including three firefighters, were sent to Bellevue, but Becerra says “No one died. We feel very fortunate that all we lost were material possessions.” The restaurant’s reopening date is uncertain. While we’re on the subject, remember that tonight is the benefit for Lovely Day’s reopening.

Flame Grilled! Blaze Guts Greenpoint Grubbery [NY Press]