A First Look at At Vermilion (Awkward, Isn’t It?)

Photo: Melissa Hom

We’re not sure why Rohini Dey chose the name At Vermilion for the offshoot of her well-regarded Indian-Latin Chicago restaurant, Vermilion. It makes certain things hard to say. Like: "Salman Rushdie was spotted at At Vermilion’s opening party on Monday!" Or, “They have a vegetarian menu at At Vermilion.” Nevertheless, our photographer Melissa Hom was recently at At Vermilion and came back with some shots of the sleek bi-level midtowner. One note before we proceed to the menus: Not only should the city be glad to get a new female restaurateur, but at At Vermilion, the executive chef, Maneet Chauhan, and the chef de cuisine, Ipshita Pall, are also women.


Small Plates
Blue corn crusted scallops: kali mirch calabasa goat cheese puree - $13

Duck vindaloo arepa: brushed pomegranate molasses, curry leaf mango - $12

Coconut chili mussels: south indian coconut broth infused with curry leaves - $10

Wild boar jibarito: street Puerto Rican open sandwich on plantain, pear-guajillo - $10

Cilantro tamarind shrimp: daikon swirls - $14

Artichoke pakoras: spain’s thistle in indian fritters + eggplant chili coconut sauce - $10

Cardamom octopus escabeche: chardonnay caviar - $12

Peruvian black ceviche clams, scallops, scotch bonnet chilies - $12

Butternut squash coconut soup, curry leaves - $9

Roasted three pepper soup, s.indian kick - $9

Juhu ki pani puri street indian chaat, flour shells, spiced potato, chili mint water - $8

(Entrées from the indian subcontinent, spice untamed)

Lobster Portuguese (stewed in a goan gravy + coconut rice) - $34

Miris sri lankan whole fish (16 spice seasonal fish + steamed rice) - $28

lamb shank gassi (mangalorean braised domestic lamb shank + mango panch puran rice) - $28

The Deep
10 element, 5 course seafood tasting menu - $90
seared – 10 element, 5 course red meats tasting menu - $90
duo of – lobster portuguese and chimichurri new york strip - $60
(Please request our custom vegetarian or milder adaptations menus, if needed)

Signature Preparations
(Entrées with an Indian-Latin confluence)

Chimichurri new york strip (red mexican arbol - kashmiri mirch chimichurri, “kadai” sweet potato) - $32

Caldeirada de peixe (brazilian seasonal seafood stew with an indian kick, tomato rice) - $26

Tandoori skirt steak (seared churrasco in a classic indian marinade, plantain chips, garlic spinach) - $25

Chili-glazed blackened tamarind ribs (Indian-latin tamarendo/imli glaze, amchur tortilla crisps, corn ginger salsa) - $24

Crab or paneer konkani (jumbo crab shredded, oaxacan crepas de huitlacoche/mexican truffle, inca red quinoa) - $29/$25

Amchur and ancho crusted chicken breast (dhokla, spicy potato curls) - $22

The Tandoor
Grilled Meats:
Chicken kabab - $12
“Seekh” minced beef - $14
Mysore lamb chops - $14
Jumbo shrimp - $15

Grilled Breads:
Ginger mint naan - $5
Kadai naan - $5
Spinach fenugreek parantha - $5
Naan, tandoori roti - $4

Chicken kabab in a makhani base - $20

Thali (complete indian platter) - $28

Daal makhani (slow cooked creamy black lentils) - $8

Sides - $6
Coconut rice
Kadai potato
Daikon slaw
Chili chutney

Lobster heart of palm salad + gazpacho shooter (mango, jicama, greens, hearts of palm, royal oak leaf lettuce, passionfruit dressing) - $18/$32

Shaved beef vermicelli salad (marinated beef NY strip, curry flavored vermicelli) - $13/$22

Chopped chicken mint salad (grilled tandoor chicken, pico de gallo, napa cabbage, mango flavored tortilla chips) $12/$18

Shaved fennel moong dal salad (ginger flavored moong dal, cilantro, jamaica vinaigrette) - $10

Green terrine (seasonal vegetables, grilled & layered with paneer, balsamic gelee, mint oil) - $10

Blue fin tuna (avocado escabache pineapple chimmichuri, pink peppercorn) - $14
Blue corn crusted scallops (kali mirch latin calabasa goat cheese puree) - $12
Mysore lamb chops (spiced, tandoor seared + a minty red onion salad) - $13
Artichoke pakoras (Spain’s thistle in indian fritters + eggplant chili coconut sauce) - $8
Cilantro tamarind shrimp or paneer-cheese (daikon swirls) - $14/$12

Butternut squash coconut soup, curry leaves - $9
roasted three pepper soup (South Indian kick) - $9

Sides - $6
Sweet potato fries
Chaat onion rings
Chimichurri avocado

Kathi seekh roll (Indian flatbread, layered egg, beef kabab, lime cilantro chutney, slaw) - $14

Chicken or tandoori masala burger (caramelized onions, chipotle salsa, cumin-mango sweet potato pries, tamarind chutney) - $16

Lobster crab club (jicama, cucumber, red oak lettuce, roasted cumin dressing) - $28

Portabella and paneer naan sandwich (cumin flavored, shredded indian cheese (paneer), mint raita, plantain chips) $15

Tandoori skirt steak (seared churrasco, classic indian marinade, plantain chips, garlic spinach) - $18

Chili-glazed blackened tamarind ribs (Indian-latin tamarendo/imli glaze, corn ginger salsa, rice crisps) - $18

Caldeirada de peixe (traditional brazilian seasonal seafood stew with an indian kick, tomato rice) - $16

Coriander crusted salmon (onion rings, cauliflower ceviche) - $22

Amchur and ancho crusted chicken breast (chickpea bread, slaw) - $17

Chimichurri new york strip (red Mexican arbol - kashmiri mirch chimichurri, “kadai” sweet potato) - $32

Three-Course Prix Fixe Lunch - $30
Shaved beef vermicelli salad or
Butternut squash / roasted three pepper soup

Tandoori skirt steak or
Amchur and ancho crusted chicken breast

Dessert of the day

Small Plates
Blue corn crusted heart of palm on a kali mirch calabaza (goat cheese puree) - $10

Tamarind paneer with daikon moong bean “koshimbir” - $10

Juhu ki pani puri “chaat” flour shells with spiced potatoes + a tangy puree of chili mint - $9

Artichoke pakoras (Spain’s thistle in classic indian fritters + eggplant chili coconut sauce) - $9

Chipotle corn vadas (crisp corn-lentil adaptation of s. indian croquettas, tamarind chutney) - $9

Aloo vindaloo arepas (goan potato, brushed pomegranate molasses, curry leaf mango) - $9

Roasted three pepper lentil soup - $9

Slaw trio: avocado mint ceviche, mango coriander pepper, lychee jalapeno, corn ginger salsa - $9

Seven course customized tasting menu - $75

Signature Preparations
(Vegetarian entrees with an Indian-Latin confluence)

Chili-glazed blackened baby eggplants (Indian-Latin tamerendo/imli glaze, white rice crisps, corn ginger salsa) - $20

“Gobi” portuguese cauliflower stewed in a goan gravy + coconut rice (blended tableside to your taste) - $20

Paneer konkani in Oaxacan crepas de huitlacoche (Indian cheese favorite, Mexican “truffle” crepe, with inca red quinoa, papadum) - $24

The Truckstop, Dhaba Fare
popular at trucking pit stops in India (dhabas)

“Pindi” butter paneer (creamy-tomato hued finger-licking good gravy, tribute to delhi’s pindi dhaba + naan) - $18

Methi-sarson-palak paneer (paneer Indian cheese in a seasoned triad of greens - mustard greens, spinach, fenugreek + naan) - $17

Vermilion thali (chef’s choice of two regional Indian entrees with daal makhani, naan, basmati rice, papad and mint raita) - $26

Daal makhani (slow cooked creamy black lentils) - $9

Punjabi chole (spicy garbanzo beans, with “chaat” and ginger hues) - $9

Vermilion hedonism (dark chocolate molten cake, chili - masala orange - blueberry sorbet)

Mora berry mousse gelee, cumin ice cream, channa chor brittle

Mango, olive shrikhand, port tapioca (mango sheets - port olive - fennel mango chutney)

Liquid dessert duo (garam masala mexican hot chocolate, cinnamon rice horchata)

trio of sorbets (blueberry cardamom, passionfruit chili, coconut clove)

Warm plantain cake + banana ice cream (star anise molasses brown sugar plantain, turmeric sugar, shrikhand)

Mango cardamom flan (coconut foam, mango escabeche, pink peppercorn)

Vermilion immoderation (three of our favorites) - $16

Coconut cardamom saffron cocktail - $12

At Vermilion, 480 Lexington Ave. at 46th St.; 212-871-6600