April Bloomfield Plans to Go Medieval on Your Ass at Ace Hotel


W has finally revealed some details about Ken Friedman’s and April Bloomfield’s doings at the Ace Hotel: “Their ground-floor restaurant will have a turn-of-the-century New York vibe, with curtained booths and a vintage, charred-oak floor.” According to Friedman, it’ll specialize in meat: “Eat the trotters, eat the ears, eat the head — it’s definitely not a place vegetarians are going to feel great in.” (So much for fish being the new pork.) In a blog post complimenting the article, April Bloomfield describes the menu: “Rib roasts, racks of veal, lots of potted meat and some terrines.” She says, “It’s going to be kind of rustic, almost medieval.” The restaurant is set to open in February but is still without a name. Friedman: “We’ve had a name for about six months and then I decided that I hated it.” Oh man, what could it have been?

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