Popeyes Ruins Sandwich With Baffling ‘Diamond Bread’


Our love of Popeyes is no secret weve mourned the death of the Louisiana chains founder and celebrated its birth in Chinatown (you can see our framed post on that location's front counter). But heres a change were not sure we can accept in the past days, Popeyes has started using a diamond bread for its Chicken Deluxe sandwich, which happens to be one of our favorite things in the world. Dont get us started on this sandwich a hulking chicken fillet thats marinated in onions, peppers, and garlic, and breaded in cayenne flour that's fried to a delectable crisp. Not only is it one of the spiciest and moistest of the fast-food chicken sandwiches, its the only one well eat. The round po-boy-style bun has always given this thing quite a heft, easily containing the tomato wheel and the full leaf of lettuce but this new diamond bread is a different story. How do you eat a sandwich thats shaped like this? Would you turn a Whopper bun into a dodecahedron? We have nothing against innovation were okay with the new Loaded Chicken Wrap and its calorie-happy Cheddar-cheese tortilla, and we'll even swallow Popeyes' oxymoronic new motto, "Louisiana fast" but this is, purely and simply, a case of fixing something that wasnt broken. And if theres one thing New Orleanians are good at, its leaving things be. Popeyes, we beg of you give us back our daily bread!