Wild Edibles Protesters Are Excited for Food & Wine Festival, Too


Much like PETA glomming onto Fashion Week, Brandworkers, the organization behind the Wild Edibles boycott, is taking their protests to the New York Food & Wine Festival. They tell us they plan to camp outside of a talk about Le Cirque that will include Terrance Brennan (according to them, the chef reneged on his promise not to serve Wild Edibles), and will stage “a street theater performance where elegantly attired supporters will serve Wild Edibles workers glasses of champagne because working families deserve the best just like the guests inside the Food Festival.”

Update: The protest turned out to be some pretty weak sauce. Terrance Brennan tells us, “I have never promised not to buy from Wild Edibles; I still stand by my purveyor unless I am shown evidence of wrongdoing.” He adds, “I will not be strong armed into putting one of my purveyors out of business.”

Further update: Daniel Gross, director of Brandworkers, sends us video demonstrating that there were fifteen picketers as opposed to the three that Eater spied.

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