Tom: Tuesday Dinner Scores ‘7.5 Out of 10’ During Repeat Performance


Earlier, we lamented that Pascale Le Draoulec didn’t say much about the food when she described the opening night of Tom: Tuesday Dinner. One of our commenters, however, reports on an encore performance at the restaurant last night: “I thought the food was great, a solid 7.5 on a scale of 1–10. The duck heart amuse was incredible and smokey, and there are other similar home-style touches throughout. For me, the winner was a squab with licorice skin with honey-caramelized onions. That and the wine pairing were inspired. There was a heavy reliance on pork (pancetta, porchetta, everywhere). Lamb was the red meat, and there were two fish selections. Dessert was minimal, and they might benefit from more influence of a pastry chef here. Tom looked relaxed and in a good mood and it’s simply a great room to dine in with an amazing kitchen to watch from. He must be really happy there. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed. Be prepared for around $250/person spend.”

Update: An eGullet member weighs in with a rave review.