The Pizza Speaks With a Belgian-French Accent at Motorino

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Williamsburgs newest pie man, Mathieu Palombino, was born in Belgium, speaks French, and has cooked at Bouley, Cello, and most recently BLT Fish, where he ran the kitchen and earned a Michelin star. But dont hold that against him. Deep down, Palombino who opens Motorino on Monday has always felt he was put on this earth to answer a higher calling. That calling, he has determined in this advanced stage in his career, is to flip dough, ladle sauce, and turn pizza around the ovens hot spot. I always believed in pizza, says the chef. Pizza for me is not just a snack. Its a magnificent thing. It should be noted that magnificence, according to Palombino, doesnt only reveal itself in classic permutations like the Margherita and the Marinara. Thus, Motorinos wood-fired brick oven will also accommodate such freewheeling pies as the Gorgonzola-speck-and-cippolini-onion and the iconoclastic mussels and mozzarella. And, in the current Otto-inspired pizzeria-plus fashion, Motorino augments its carb-centric menu with salads, antipasti, cheese, salumi, and equipment arrival pending gelati.

Motorino, 319 Graham Ave., nr. Devoe St.; 718-599-8899