Sam Mason Plans Soda Fountain for Grown-ups

Photo: Melissa Hom

Before he tried his hand at Tailor, Sam Mason was a pastry chef at Atlas with a penchant for floats made from wasabi-green-tea ice cream and ginger beer. Mason’s enthusiasm for the treats is strong, we learned last night at the Autism Speaks benefit at Cipriani Wall Street. “We’re actually working on a new bar,” Mason told us. “I’m going to work on a kind of fifties soda fountain with booze.” The new space will be adjacent to Tailor and will share the same name, though it will be “totally different” from Eben Freeman’s downstairs bar. “I gotta get Eben out of my hair,” Mason joked, and described his imagined space as one with “swiveling bar stools, homemade soda and … did I say booze already?” There’ll be “soda infused with spirits and stuff. And desserts and small diner food. It’s kind of like a soda fountain for adults.”