Rachael Ray Says She Was Large and in Charge at Burger Bash

Present and accounted for.
Present and accounted for. Photo: FilmMagic

While plugging Brocabulary on the Early Show today, we passed Katie Lee Joel in the hallway and resisted the urge to ask her about detractors who say her burger patty was just a glorified grilled cheese (actually, we think she should’ve taken it a little further). One person who is speaking out about the Burger Bash, however, is Rachael Ray, who today in the Daily News refutes an earlier report in the Post that she spent most of her time sequestered in the green room rather than hobnobbing with guests. Ray Ray says, “I was out dancing and singing along and went to every single stand. I ate 18 burgers!” We’ve called her gastrologist for comment.

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