David Monn Plants Party Flag in Cheese

David Monn's Party Cheese.
David Monn’s Party Cheese.Photo: Courtesy of Artisanal Premium Cheese

One of the best parties of the year in New York is the Costume Institute gala at the Met. But since you can’t score an invitation to that, why not order a cheese plate from the guy who plans the gala? David Monn partnered with Artisanal Premium Cheese to start a fancy monthly cheese-subscription program. For $95, you’ll get enough cheese to “entertain 4-6 people.” They’d better be entertained, since that’s either a whole lot of cheese, or the most expensive cheese you’ve ever served. If you’re feeling festive, sign up for a year’s worth of cheese for $1,000. The company claims Monn helped select the cheeses, but this smells strongly of one of those name-lending programs.