Palm Steakhouse Tribeca Gets Its Murals

Painted steak before grilled steak.
Painted steak before grilled steak. Photo: Alexandra Vallis

Back in January, the Palm steakhouse announced plans to open a Tribeca outlet by posting signs all over a retail space in luxury-condo building 200 Chambers. We’ve been tracking the construction in anticipation of a fall opening, but the the space is still full of boxes, the vents in the ceilings are uncovered, and unplugged refrigerators lay fallow in the foyer. An opening this season seems unlikely, but our snapshot indicates that work is progressing on one important feature: a Beetle Bailey mural. When the Palm flagship first opened, the owners had little funds for décor, so cartoonists who worked nearby — including Beetle Bailey creator Mort Walker — would trade a few scribbles for their dinner. The caricature tradition continues downtown.