Old, Rich Wine Drinkers Immune to Economy; Food Chains Pick on Each Other in New Ads


• The economy hasn’t affected top wine prices yet because the most serious oenophiles are generally older and affluent. [Slate]

Wine Enthusiast is happy the wine market is growing in the U.S., but the company won’t rest until wine drinkers are reading its magazine, going to its tasting events, and buying its branded glasses and wine refrigerators. [WSJ]

• As the economy gets ugly so, too, do the ads, with likely competitors (Burger King and McDonald’s) and unlikely rivals (Pizza Hut and Subway) making jabs at each other. [WSJ]

• To find truly authentic gelato, you’ll need to head to a tanning salon in Bensonhurst. [Brooklyn Paper]

• What should happen when a waiter gives you an entrée you didn’t order? Frank Bruni thinks you should be able to eat the wrong dish until the correct one is brought out and then not have to pay for either. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]