No Stars for Bloomingdale Road; Get Amped for the Oak Room

Photo: Hannah Whitaker

In the magazine this week, Adam Platt takes a meal at Bobo to see how its third chef, Patrick Connolly, is faring. Besides tiny portions, Connolly’s “ingenuity only occasionally breaks through.” (Avoid the downstairs bar menu entirely.) Bloomingdale Road confuses Platt, who laments that chef Ed Witt’s “efforts here are foiled by a combination of bizarro conception and spotty technique.” Rob and Robin reignite our excitement for the reopening of the Oak Room, as well as new midtown restaurants Rouge Tomate and West Branch. The Robs also update us on Michael Dorf’s City Winery venture and its adaptations for tightfisted tipplers, as well as newcomers to the small field of city wineries: Bridge Urban Winery in Williamsburg and an unnamed project in Red Hook. Gael Greene manages to eat an “affordable supper” at Vai and praises the “savory oval pizzetas … and lush pastas.” In preparation for the marathon, Rob and Robin borrow a Spaghetti con Ceci recipe from Michael White, but if you’re still in need of carbs, the Robs also heard about new seasonal soup specials at Ipuddo NY, beginning October 30.