No Recession Specials at Le Bernardin

Eric Ripert and Tom Colicchio at last night's<br>  City Harvest event.
Eric Ripert and Tom Colicchio at last night’s City Harvest event. Photo: Getty Images

At last night’s City Harvest Bid Against Hunger event, Eric Ripert and Tom Colicchio auctioned an evening out with the two chefs (and a trip to Pebble Beach Food & Wine) for $18,000. Colicchio said he and Ripert hadn’t planned the night yet, but expected to visit about five different restaurants. If one of them is Le Bernardin, you won’t find anything missing from the menu due to food costs, says Ripert. “I always make an analogy: A Louis Vuitton bag in a good economy is hand-sewn, it’s good leather. In the bad economy, it’s the same Louis Vuitton. It’s good leather, and it’s hand-sewn. Because it’s a good product, it won’t change. And we do the same, we don’t change our products.”