Kurve Installs Another Restaurant in Its Kitchen. Allow Us to Explain.


Things at Kurve just get stranger and stranger. After opening the restaurant, closing it, and then opening it again only to confound Bruni with phone problems, Andy Yang has now opened a takeout and delivery outpost of his other restaurant, Rhong-Tiam, in Kurve’s basement kitchen. What that means, exactly, is that in addition to Kurve dishes, the kitchen is also preparing the full Rhong Tiam menu, but only for East Village takeout and delivery. The obvious questions here: Can you eat Rhong-Tiam food at Kurve? No. Okay, so can you get Kurve food delivered? Again, no. We’re assuming these rules can be stretched a little, but for now, official word is that delivery is from 5 p.m. till 2 a.m. Yang’s ultimate plan is to deliver till 4 a.m. (when Kurve will eventually close), using smart cars to go all the way uptown. Yes, the delivery number (212-477-5700) is working.