Kellogg’s Diner Won’t Be Working With Apothéke Mixologist After All


Thought it was bizarre that Kelloggs Diner was working with a mixologist from Apothke? Well, so did Apothke! Owner Heather Tierney tells us that although her barman, Orson Salicetti, knows the new manager at Kelloggs, Jay Espinal, he hasnt spoken to him in over a year, and hasnt even heard of Kelloggs. But Espinal insists to us that he was in conversation with Salicetti, and has the phone records to prove it. He was developing the drinks list, Espinal assures. Negotiations (if they were ever on) are now most certainly off, but Espinal is still aiming for a top-of-the-line cocktail program. I will not give you the name until we have a signed contract, but were working with someone else whos top-line and more well-known than Orson. More on that when it comes.

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