Kampuchea Sneaks Onto ‘Esquire’ List of Top New Restaurants


Esquire’s “Best New Restaurants 2008” list isn’t online yet, just a blurb in which Alice Waters begs David Chang not to open in Vegas. (Wait a minute, pairing David Chang with a seasoned master chef — that’s a novel idea). But we’ve snagged a copy of the magazine, and the following New York restaurants made the list.

Bar Blanc
“Dutch-born chef Sebastiaan Zijp is a master at separating out the distinct flavors of each ingredient in a dish.”

Bar Boulud
“Charcuterie master Sylvain Gasdon … reproduces the lusty flavors of lyonnaise-style artisanal sausages and pates better than anyone in America … none will let you down.”

“What truly has become far less formal, in a dramatic and delicious way, is the food … Though the preparation is meticulous, the dishes that emerge … are joyful, begging to be shared.”

“The more adventurous will love the seared monkfish liver with a beef jus, spiced pears, pickled daikons, and bush basil …But it’s the sandwiches you’ll crave days later.”

“[Scott Conant]’s lusty traditional regional Italian food … is received here in all its succulent goodness, but with less pomp than before.”

Redhead also gets a shoutout for “baconiest snack,” and the JetBlue terminal is the “Best Reason to Fly JetBlue.” So there you have it, for those who make their dining plans based on Esquire.