Joe Bastianich Won’t Give Up Running or Face Bacon


Batali partner and heir apparent to the Lidias Italy empire, Joe Bastianich has switched from marathon eating to marathon training, according to the Times. Bastianich, who will race in the New York City Marathon on Sunday, picked up running two years ago after being diagnosed with sleep apnea, and has since shed 45 pounds. His wife, Deanna, is obviously psyched for his improved health, but admits shes still getting used to seeing Joe in the spandex running pants. Plus, youve got to love Lidias Italian-mother maneuver, calling her sons path to overindulgence a potent current, a beautiful, enriching current. But the highlight of this story is its happy ending. Unlike reformed Italian ham and triathlete Rocco DiSpirito, Bastianich has sculpted his physique on a steady diet of breakfast risotto, steak, face-bacon pizza, and Champagne.

Passion for Food Adjusts to Fit Passion for Running [NYT]