Is Veg-Week Flop Proof That ‘Flexitarians’ Are the New Vegetarians?

Photo: istockphoto

Folks aren’t exactly chomping at the bit for Brooklyn Goes Veg!, a sort of Brooklyn Restaurant Week for leaf-eaters. Melissa Danielle, the event’s organizer, couldn’t get NYC & Co. on board because the city didn’t want to dissuade tourists from partaking in the joy of meat, and in the end only seven restaurants agreed to participate next week (some of them will still be serving meat). Danielle concedes to the Brooklyn Paper that stringent vegetarianism is on the wane because livestock is being raised in a more humane, environmentally conscious manner (credit folks like Flying Pigs Farm for this). That’s more or less in keeping with a recent Newsweek article claiming that more people are becoming “flexitarians,” meaning they’re cutting back on their “meat guzzling” rather than forgoing it entirely (they’re flexible, see?). We present this as conversation fodder for the next time your vegetarian blind date doesn’t want to split a Bo Ssäm.

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