Iron Chefs and Da Silvano Waiters Get Designer Makeovers


Batalis orange watch isnt the only weird merging of food and fashion we have to report. During the November 16 episode of Iron Chef (a Thanksgiving Showdown that will pit Morimoto and Cora against Flay and Symon), hip-hop clothier Mark Ecko will show off new jackets for the chefs. What, they couldnt get Flays favorite designer, Paul Smith? Meanwhile, the folks at Da Silvano tell us that starting middle of next week, their waiters will be wearing new uniforms courtesy of Italian designer Isaia (in keeping with something of a trend). The outfits dont come cheap Isaia charges $3,000 and up for suits, $425 and up for shirts, and $225 for its seven-fold tie. Expect Bar Pitti to one-up them with Prada soon.