Hawaiian Tropic Zone Fires Bad Managers, Sometimes; Sustainable Sushi Stats in Your Pocket


Hawaiian Tropic Zone recently fired a manager who acted inappropriately toward female staffers, but he didn’t do anything as heinous as the charges against the ex-manager outlined in a pending lawsuit. [NYP]
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• Is it only a coincidence that Paul Liebrandt has opened restaurants just as the stock market has taken its two greatest plunges of the decade? [Life Vicarious]

• As anyone who’s eaten at Babbo knows, Mario Batali puts together a pretty eclectic dinner soundtrack. [WSJ]

• Note to restaurant critics: You probably shouldn’t have chefs whose restaurants you are reviewing cater your wedding if you want to maintain credibility. [Fresh Loaf]

• The path to Bobby Flay’s success began with delivering pizzas in sixth grade and dropping out of high school. [NYDN]

• Three new pocket guides will allow you to see how sustainable your sushi choices are, and, let’s hope, avoid further decimation to the bluefin tuna population, which has decreased 90 percent in 30 years. [NYP]