Get Mario Batali’s Meat Delivered to Your Door


Fleishers Grass-fed & Organic Meats, Kingston-based supplier to the likes of Casa Mono, Diner, Freemans, and Savoy, is coming to your home in November. Starting then, Fleishers will offer home delivery of custom cuts to the Upper West Side, Lower Manhattan, and then Brooklyn. Orders will be butchered, Cryovacked, and tucked into individual cooler bags in the morning (never frozen), then delivered Fresh Directstyle between 2:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. According to Jessica Applestone (founder of the company along with her butcher husband Joshua), a $100 minimum purchase (plus $15 delivery fee) might consist of two beautiful steaks, a whole chicken, two pounds of ground, a couple of stocks, a pound and a half of sausage, and probably a pound of ground lamb. The sealed parcels last for two weeks in the fridge, or a year frozen, if you dont mind losing some moisture. But dont even think about ordering a Thanksgiving bird, Applestone tells us: There is no turkey delivery. We have enough to contend with here!

Fleishers Grass-fed & Organic Meats [Official site]