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Food Critics Under Attack!

Food Critics Under Attack!


Times critic Frank Bruni is taking reader questions this week, and picky eaters are already going at him. "We ate at Convivio last night. … The menu: tripe, sweetbreads, goat, duck hearts, livers. Ugh! I do not eat those kinds of things. Who does?" Spare yourselves from a week's worth of this (and the inevitable questions about anonymity) by submitting your own query. In more alarming news, a food critic from the Albany Times-Union was attacked last Friday outside a restaurant. Steve Barnes, who resembles Mario Batali, is cut and bruised, but physically all right. "Once the responding officers learned what I do for a living, they understandably asked if I had written anything negative about Creo. … I told the cops, 'No, I’m completely certain that Creo didn’t send the dishwashers out to rough me up after dinner tonight.'" Time to ask for hazard pay. [Times-Union via Romenesko]


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