Flay’s ‘Crunch’ Burger the Presumptive Winner?


The entire food world (Ducasse, Dufresne, Boulud, Martha Stewart, Alice Waters) was at Per Se last night to celebrate the launch of A Day at elBulli, but plenty of folks (many of them Bobby Flay diehards) also made it to the New York Wine & Food Festival’s “Chelsea After Dark” extravaganza. Flay, in an apparent effort to upstage everyone at tonight’s Burger Bash, created a “crunch burger” featuring potato chips. We are HUGE fans of ANY sandwiches incorporating potato chips (quick recipe: pound Cape Cod chips into Wonder Bread, add melted cheese, roll into a lava-rock-like bolus, and pop into mouth). We COMMEND this bold step forward. [AlwaysEating]