Ferran Adrià Freaks Out 4-Year-Old

Photo: Maribel Ruiz de Erenchun

Just like sous vide cooking, molecular gastronomy is entering the domestic sphere via Ferran Adrià’s $200 Texturas kits, which allow budding food chemists to work alcium gluconolactate and the like into “airs” and such. But this ain’t no Play-Doh Fun Factory — Sara Dickerman tries to turn her fussy 4-year-old son on to veggies by creating tomato and broccoli spheres and the results remind us of dates gone wrong at wd~50: “When tasting time comes, the Critic cries as if I were feeding him brimstone. The tomato gel slides down his chin, but the broccoli doesn’t even make it that far — I don’t have the heart to make him taste it.” Maybe she should’ve started with the deconstructed churros?

Eat Your Spherified Vegetables! [Slate]