Eric Hara Does Seasonal Jell-O Shots While Readying Fishtail and Davidburke Townhouse


Executive chef Eric Hara is hard at work readying David Burkes new restaurant, Fishtail, for a November opening. He tells us, Its going to be clean and simple and focused on the fish were getting hence a recent trip to the Paris fish market. After that, hell turn his attention to relaunching Davidburke & Donatella as Davidburke Townhouse in January. Well put more exotic meats on the menu and clean up the dining room. Were keeping Davidburke as our signature restaurant itll still be more whacky and whimsical.

To that end, Hara, in conjunction with Double Cross, a new vodka brand thats filtered seven times (with diamond dust, people), has just designed some seasonal Jell-O shots the first of their kind, he thinks (actually, Tailors solids may have beaten him to the punch). Hell add a pumpkin-pie flavor to the menu in November, and will follow it with sweet-potato and candy-cane varieties. Hara says hes also experimenting with a vodka lollipop containing a mescal worm and get this Alka Seltzerlike tablets that dissolve when you drop them into vodka, dispersing flavors like butter. Eben Freeman, you might just have some competition here.