Double Crown Looks Better Than It Tastes; Price-Conscious Sushi


Danyelle Freeman thinks Double Crowns atmosphere compensates for Brad Farmeries food, which has been led astray by exoticism. [NYDN]
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With a nod to the economy, Frank Bruni seeks good, affordable sushi at Kanoyama and Sushi Azabu, and tenders one star for each. [NYT]

Yerba Buena looks like a dive in Old Havana, writes Moira Hodgson, who recommends the baked rice casseroles and much of whats on Artemio Vasquezs cocktail menu. [NYO]

Jay Cheshes calls the Libertine "P.J. Clarke's in designer duds," but Todd English's menu "deliver[s] a mixed bag of always bold, intermittently clumsy, beer-swiggers dishes." [TONY]

Ryan Sutton waits patiently at Shake Shack UWS because fast food doesnt get much better than this. Except its not that fast. [Bloomberg]

Gael Greene likes BarBao so much she goes two nights in a row, but sticks with Vietnamese small plates. The big plates, she writes, are a bow to the timid. [Insatiable Critic]

Like Adam Platt, Lauren Collins wants more from Matsugen: Matsugen can be a letdown for those who appreciate, and even crave, the stark flavors of Japanese cuisine." [NYer]

Robert Sietsema visits the city's only Guatemalan restaurant, Tierras Centro Americanas, and is wowed by much of the menu and a flowering weed called chipiln. [VV]