Donnybrook Soft-Opens Tonight in Lotus Club Space


Tonight the owners of Lucky Jack’s will unveil Donnybrook in the old Lotus Club space. It’ll be “a pub, warm and cozy,” says partner Meghan Joye. Hmmm. So you can still park your laptop at the bar? One of Joye’s partners, an FCI grad, will debut a food menu in about a month — in the meantime, there’s a full liquor license (winter cocktails will include hot spiced cider and spiked hot chocolate) and a classic décor (the bar wood was salvaged from an eighteenth-century party club in the Bronx). “It’s hopefully not one of these trendy places,” says Joye, who lives in the neighborhood. “Hopefully it will be around twenty years.”

Donnybrook, 35 Clinton St., at Stanton St.; no phone yet