David Burke Implicated in $600 Million Sexual-Harrassment Lawsuit

David Burke, with Hawaiian Tropic girls, at left. The chef at Rick's Cabaret (at right) might want to rethink his marketing strategy.

Forget the Porcelain Twinz and their allegations against Simon Hammerstein — four Hawaiian Tropic Zone employees are suing the breastaurant to the tune of $600 million-plus because they claim a former manager, Anthony Rakis, “is a rapist and sexual predator who was given full rein by the Riese Organization to sexually assault, molest, batter and rape the female employees.” But it doesn’t stop at Rakis, who’s accused of drugging and raping senior manager Giulietta Consalvo in a taxi. Consalvo also says she was groped by chef David Burke himself, and that the restaurant was, per the Post, a “disgusting meat market for drooling Riese executives.” We’ve asked David Burke for comment.

Update: Burke has issued a response.

"Rapist" Ordeal at Hot Spot [NYP]