You, Too, Can Be a Chef’s Assistant!


We thought ICE had covered all the remaining bases of food-industry ed with its “how to be a food blogger” courses, but no — if you’ve always dreamed of being a chef’s personal assistant, StarChefs has announced a new a series of panel discussions at Astor Center, and in one of them (on October 21, at 12:30 p.m.) you can learn from the schedulers to the stars.

Rachael Carron, Wylie Dufresne’s right-hand woman, will teach you how to give your boss a calming sideburn massage when his delivery of enzyme transglutaminase is delayed before the big gala. And you’ll get more wisdom from Anthony Bourdain’s rock, Beth Aretsky, Charlie Palmer’s Kristen Gegnas, and David Burke’s Christa Weaving. The class is a relatively reasonable $15, and who knows, you could end up on the Food Network’s new show, Top Chef Assistant! Oh, and if you want to know which chefs to send your résumé to, we highly recommend StarChef’s new, beefed-up edition of its culinary-world who’s who, Chefs to Know.

Chefs to Know [StarChefs] Career Series: Chefs’ Personal Assistants [Astor Center]