Bruni Joins Convivio Chorus; Drink Up at Apothéke


If you haven't snagged a table at Convivio yet, you'll have to wait. Frank Bruni grants Michael White three stars and praises his pasta, his prices, and his wine list: "The ratio of cant-miss to not-quite dishes is more favorable than it was shortly after the chef Michael White took charge of the kitchen at LImpero in mid-2007." [NYT]

Ryan Sutton suggests you let Apothkes Albert Trummer make you a drink; in fact, let him make you five. [Bloomberg]
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At Allegretti, Jay Cheshes finds the traditional French regional cooking hes been seeking: Though the room probably wont transport you to the French Riviera, the chefs food certainly will. [TONY]

Danyelle Freeman calls Braai an African date-hut and loves the South African wine list, but concludes that its not easy to pull off Afrikaans barbecue in Hells Kitchen. [NYDN]

Gael Greene says the menu at Double Crown is interesting, but laments the portion sizes. [Insatiable Critic/NYM]

Alan Richman fears the Libertine may decline after Todd English moves out of the kitchen, but for now finds it a good spot for sharing and snacking. [GQ]

Nizzas atmosphere seems closer to diner than to charming French bote, writes Leo Carey. He praises the regional specialties and says the standard of cooking is often equal to that of a much more ambitious restaurant. [NYer]