Benoit’s Classic Bar Embraces Experimental Cocktails

Keep your bread out of the piña-colada fondue.
Keep your bread out of the piña-colada fondue. Photo: Melissa Hom

Benoit unveiled new solid cocktails this week on an unexpectedly progressive cocktail menu, and we were surprised to realize Paris might have some contributions to our city’s dominant mixology movement. Chef-bartender Thierry Hernandez came in from the City of Light to create the edible booze, which includes piña-colada fondue with pineapple-rum-marshmallow and fresh-pineapple skewers, and a jam made with strawberry vodka you’re meant to spread on toast. While he’s in town, Hernandez is doing some recon at top cocktail dens like Apothéke and Tailor, where he might take notes on Eben Freeman’s Ramos Gin Fizz Marshmallow. But what are they drinking in Paris these days? Hernandez serves Mojito Popsicles and Jell-O shots at his chichi bar at the luxury Hôtel Plaza Athenée.