‘At the Table’ Hits YouTube, Ever So Briefly


At the Table hit YouTube this weekend, but by Monday the clips had been taken down. After watching, we can see why folks found Anthony Bourdain’s questions a little heavy-handed, but we can’t say we agree with the commenter who told us it was like pulling teeth — at least Tony was making an effort to keep the conversation going, unlike those twenty-minute stretches of Batali’s show, On the Road Again, where everyone just keeps saying “fantastic!” “amazing!” “oh my God!” “incredible!” “unbelieveable!” “wooooow!” and “that is stupid!” So why was the video removed? After all, the Travel Channel seems just fine with having entire episodes of No Reservations on YouTube. Who would want to deprive us of the joy of watching madman Bill Buford spill fermented cacao beans onto the table and confess that he took a nude bath in a vat of them? Way more horrifying, by the way, than Amy Sacco’s story about cleaning up a bathroom mess at Bouley.

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