Are Flash Drives the Silly VIP Cards of the Future?


Clubs will give out anything to make you feel special: keys, cards, and now flash drives? At the opening of Megus new lounge, M, we were given the one you see here, complete with its own velvet baggie. What did it contain? An e-mailable form thats preceded by a message from operator Mami Shirakawa: I'd love for you to fill out the Member information card so we can, in turn, help make your experience at M more personalized and provide you with exactly what you desire. Once you fill out this info, all our 'M' family will recognize you as a member and accommodate your needs. I will include some more updates and fun files if you bring your USB to 'M' on your next visit, when you see me. The sign-off: Mami will take care of you. Nice sentiment, and were flattered that Mami wants to know about our hobbies, but isnt there something a little HAL 9000 about this? Why do we see Mami charging an outlandishly expensive bottle to our credit card and saying, Its for your own good, Dave

M by Megu Survey
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