Apiary Agrees With Platt; Guide to Japanese Candy

Photo: Hannah Whitaker

In the magazine this week, Adam Platt suggests that Apiary was designed with an economic “catastrophe in mind.” It’s fairly inexpensive and the food’s not bad, either. One star. Platt was not so generous with Delicatessen: He considers most of the faux deli dishes there to be “pretty grim” and advises (if you’re going there for the food) to stop in during the day. No stars. If you’re curious about Japanese candy but a little terrified of the bright packaging and foreign flavor combos, Strategist editor Janet Ozzard wrote a guide that will help both you and your cash-strapped dentist. Pacific saury is in season this week, and Ryutaro Asami of the Greenwich Grill shares his fusilli recipe for the fish with Rob and Robin. The Robs wonder who is the “Greenmarketiest” of them all, and we can find out at Taste of Greenmarket on October 29. And if you need a different dessert at a dinner party this month, Rob and Robin suggest the Pumpkin Nuage from Lady M Cake Boutique.