A Photo Tour of Double Crown’s Menu


Folks, we’re delighted to unleash a new feature, Photo Plates, in which we’ll photograph nearly everything on the menu of a new restaurant. (Even in this day of Über-informative menu descriptions, sometimes they just aren’t enough.) To kick things off, Brad Farmerie ushered us into his kitchen at Double Crown. He tells us its Bowery location called for the dishes to be a bit more casual than at Public (the appetizers are inspired by Southeast Asian hawker stalls), but as you can see from the slideshow, we’re talking about AvroKo casual. The streaky ham takes nine to ten days to cure with lavender and honey before it’s cold-smoked for an hour, roasted, and left to sit for another day. Before the bone marrow is popped in the oven, it’s brined for 24 hours and then glazed with a mixture of miso, ginger, and mirin. It’s one of the adventurous dishes that Farmerie is pleasantly surprised to see diners favoring. One thing: We didn’t photograph the sides or the rib-eye roast for two, as well as one item that appears as a special now and again — a crispy pig-ear ssäm. That you’ll just have to try your luck seeing for yourself.