1Oak and Bungalow 8 Violate Bloggers’ ‘No Soliciting’ Rules


A couple of blogs are taking a Woody Allen stance on clubs that want them as members. Down by the Hipster is holding up a promoter e-mail as proof against Guest of a Guest’s claim (picked up by Jossip) that Bungalow 8 is poised for a comeback. (In return, GoaG chides DBTH for, um, not being able to get into the Eldridge.) Meanwhile, the Transom is similarly irked by an e-flyer saying you can rent out 1Oak for every kind of party imaginable (in all fairness, bat mitzvahs aren’t mentioned). Actually, 1Oak is opening offshoots in Miami and São Paolo (and might soon be starting a gay night?), so we don’t really agree this is a sign that it’s hurting for business, at least no more so than when it first opened — after all, its debut event was a private party for banker-types!