Zibetto Gets a House Blend and Another Starbucks


Back in July, we learned that Zibetto Espresso Bar would be opening up a new downtown locale on Fulton Street. Anastasios Nougos says it’s going to be another month until the doors open — and when they do, Nougos plans to serve his own blend of espresso that he’s been perfecting (Zibetto normally uses Danesi).

At any rate, it’s good that Nougos is bringing in another revenue stream since, according to him, there is going to be yet another Starbucks landing on the same block as his Sixth Avenue café (at 56th Street). “So in a one-block radius I have four Starbucks,” he tells us in an e-mail. “Plus a Dean & Deluca opened half a block from me. But I can’t complain, business is good. I’m glad New Yorkers are sophisticated enough to make the right choice when it comes to their espresso coffee.” Yeah, well, we don’t mess around when it comes to our uppers.