Wild Edibles Denies Using Front Companies to Dodge Boycott


Well, someone had a busy Labor Day! Brandworkers, the organization that is protesting Wild Edibles, sends us a YouTube video showing New York City Council Member Eric Gioia joining a weekend protest outside Artisanal. Brandworkers claims that Artisanal was one of 40 restaurants to agree to stop carrying Wild Edibles, but that it continued to acquire their fish through what they allege is a front company. Richard Martin, president of Wild Edibles, tells us it’s absolutely untrue. “I don’t need to do that,” he says of using front companies. He says he’s continuing his counter-protests outside the houses of Brandworkers members, in hopes that they’ll feel the same sort of pressure his clients have felt. “When you’re happy to work with Wild Edibles but you have five people in front of your restaurant that are protesting — they will drop me because of that.” So when will the court case be resolved? “At this point I don’t even care,” Martin says. “Ninety percent of the stuff is lies, so it’s like, who the hell cares?”