What to Eat at Walter Foods in Williamsburg


Finally, the raw bar the kids in Williamsburg have long demanded! Balthazar bartender Danny Minch and Barrio Chino owner Dylan Dodd have opened Walter Foods at 253 Grand Street. The restaurant, soft-open all this week, is open for serious on Tuesday, September 30. Justin Ernsberger, formerly of Clinton Street Baking Company and Aqua Grill, brings his love of sea creatures to the menu — lobster appears in five dishes. This is good news for anyone on the L train looking to score some clam chowder this fall; if you’re not, there’s a burger and fried chicken and some steaks for you. Given Minch’s former life as a bartender, it’s no surprise that the cocktail menu is more robust, if not a little old-timey: See Sling, Singapore for details.

Dinner Menu: Walter Foods
Cocktail Menu: Walter Foods