Union Hall’s Bell House Will Open September 18 With Free Show


Gowanus may be too divey even for Siberia’s Tracy Westmoreland, but the Union Hall guys are okay with it. Per Gowanus Lounge, they’ll soon open their new performance venue and lounge, the Bell House, in a twenties warehouse at 149 7th Street between Second and Third Avenues, and a new Website has the starting lineup: The Lilys and Matt Pond PA will play for free on opening night, September 18. Subsequent acts to grace the 450-square-foot stage include our own Eugene Mirman (hosting a comedy festival), Babe the Blue Ox, Diego Garcia of Elephant, and, of course, the requisite night of burlesque. Says the press release, “The storefront features a comfortable 150-capacity lounge which will be open seven nights a week as a friendly neighborhood bar and gathering space featuring beer from independent and local breweries.” We’re checking to see whether Floyd’s and Union Hall’s irresistible “beer cheese” will be carried over.

Opening Bell About to Ring for Gowanus’ Bell House [Gowanus Lounge]