‘Todd English Is 48 and Single’?

"You'll have to talk to my agent about that."
“You’ll have to talk to my agent about that.” Photo: Getty Images

Molto Mario might be the man when it comes to charming ex-models (Miss Model Behavior recently visited Casa Mono and ended up being fed ham, cheese, and wine by a drunk, “pretty sloppy,” purse-wearing Batali), but since he’s married, the producers of a certain reality show are going to have to settle for Todd English. A letter to one of Guest of a Guest’s correspondents reads: “We recently pitched our agency on a reality dating show concept for Todd English. They loved the idea and we were strongly advised to reach him direct to avoid the delays, blocks and red-tape that can come from going through managers and agencies.” Todd, if you’re reading this, do it! We’d love to see Hell’s Kitchen meet Hell Date.

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