The Future of Reviewing? Critic Files Live From Adour D.C. via Twitter


Thought Brunis audio slideshow was groundbreaking? Washingtonian critic Todd Kliman has to be the first critic to live-review his meal (at Adour, just opened in D.C.) via Twitter. Maybe he was inspired by the diner who posted live updates about his Ko meal to eGullet? The stream-of-consciousness review is refreshingly to-the-point (Prices are high. No, higher than that. Higher, still) and totally meta (Not five minutes and already Ive been fingered), and because it unfolds in real time, it catches details that normally wouldnt make the final cut. (Room filling up Whats with the music? Tom Daschle's in the house. Weird: the music's BETTER in the men's room.) You have to admire Kliman for flying without a net he admits hes unsure of the spelling of the bakery that makes the bread, but rest assured its special and theres something to be said for registering impressions right after food hits the tongue, but there's a certain lack of context (it's assumed we're already familiar with Ducasse, etc.), and is it wise to declare, on the spot, that the baba au rhum is your favorite dessert in the city? Maybe wait till the effects of that Brundlmayer Riesling wear off?

LIVE! from Adour at The St. Regis: The First-Ever Real-Time Restaurant Review [Washingtonian]