Starbucks to Offer Healthy Breakfast; a Red Hook Revival


Starbucks will expand its breakfast to appeal to health-conscious consumers, with offerings like granola bars and a hard-boiled-egg plate. [WSJ]

Slow Food Nation was a rousing call to arms for food activists, but whether it will result in true political action remains to be seen. [NYT]

Britain has its locavores, too, and one chef in particular is exporting his take on local-minded eating to the U.S. with his cookbooks. [NYS]

As expected, the Red Hook Ikea has revived the neighborhood, which is now teeming with new bars and restaurants. [TONY]

Per Ses kitchen is a quiet and pristine temple of culinary delights. [Black Napkin]

Summer really is over: Park Avenue Summer turned into Park Avenue Autumn last night. [Strongbuzz]

Since that big Times piece from July on eating in Flushing was published, the Chinese cooks there have been getting a lot more attention, and competition between them has increased, too. [Serious Eats]