Someone Is Really Pissed Off at Delicatessen



The glass ceiling.Photo: Daniel Maurer

Upstairs neighbors are steamed about Delicatessen the Post reports that one of them is raining holy hell on the place by urinating on its glass ceiling, hence a sign in the buildings hallway: I know not everyone is happy with Delicatessen but, please stop urinating on the glass roof. I have to buy a new a/c because you did not aim correctly! Thank you! One resident, who says it wasnt him, says the place is filled with f---ing wankers and yuppies, yuppies, yuppies. Meanwhile, over in Brooklyn, a lawyer relieved himself on Boat Bars floor simply because the line to the bathroom was too long, triggering a brawl. Seems like a one-off thing, but we dont want to know whats going to hit Delicatessens ceiling when it goes 24/7.

Update: Restaurant Girl pisses on Delicatessen, too! They're serving food that isn't actually food, she says, comparing certain items to Hot Pockets (oh no she didnt!) and concluding that dinner at Delicatessen is a spectator sport, best watched from the sidewalk sidelines. [NYDN]

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