Siberia Search: Westmoreland Now Considering Crown Heights

Westmoreland outside a potential location.
Westmoreland outside a potential location. Photo: Tamra Gallegos

Tracy Westmoreland’s search for a new Siberia location is getting almost outlandish — a few months ago, when he revealed to us that he was looking in Brooklyn, it was Sunset Park that piqued his interest. Now the Observer checks in with him, and while he still has his eye on the unidentified Hell’s Kitchen space he mentioned to us earlier, he’s also looking in Crown Heights! Not only that — he’s mulling the possibility of opening a new bar every six months with celeb pals like Jimmy Fallon and Anthony Bourdain. We’re kind of tempted to offer Westmoreland a Launch-type column — the man’s quest to find the last pockets of sleaze in post–Sex and the City New York is nothing short of an epic (septic?) adventure. Can any Brooklyn location scouts recommend a suitably seedy venue for him?

Siberian Exile [NYO]
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