Shocker: Street Vendors Not the Cleanest

Ew! Photo: Courtesy of Inside Edition

In case it didn’t creep you out enough with its rat footage, Inside Edition is doing another food-safety show tomorrow night, this one exposing icky street vendors. Per the press release, the shocking discoveries include “vendors picking their noses, touching their feet, even going to the bathroom without ever washing their hands and then serving customers.” Get ready now: “INSIDE EDITION cameras caught one food vendor touching his bare feet with his fingers between his toes before going right back to serving customers.” And, brace yourself: “INSIDE EDITION cameras caught another vendor near Times Square, who while wearing gloves picked his nose, handled money, scratched himself and touched raw chicken right before preparing food and serving customers.” The show also found street food in the “temperature danger zone.” Inside Edition, call us when a man bites a dog instead of the other way around. They don’t call ‘em dirty-water dogs for nothing.