Rumors of Ye Waverly Blog’s Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated


Guest of A Guest notices (as we did earlier) that the Waverly Inns blog hasnt been updated since May, and declares it defunct. Their theory? Graydon Carter has finally gotten wise to the fact that to use Vanity Fairs resources to publicize a personal investment doesnt ring quite right. Plus, blogging about the ongoings of the Waverly seems to be at great odds with the environment [of celebrity privacy] Carter would want to create. Actually, we just checked with Ye Waverly Blogs anonymous author and it doesnt sound like either of those things are a concern. In fact, weve been told to expect updates soon! In the meantime, enjoy the above video and the he said/she said account of a Waverly date between Vanity Fair assistant Bill Bradley (not the senators son, despite what the paparazzi thought) and a starstruck (OMG! Jamie-Lynn Sigler!) contest winner. Clearly Vanity Fair doesnt give a hoot about the unseemliness of cross-promotion.

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