Rocco DiSpirito, Paragon of ‘Men’s Health,’ Hosts Urbanathlon

Can't. Stop. Flexing.
Can’t. Stop. Flexing. Photo: Getty Images

Rocco DiSpirito makes time to be a triathlete in between not cooking, Bertolli vignettes, and Dancing With the Stars, and he’ll lead the Men’s Health Urbanathlon from Central Park to the financial district on September 27. After rallying a group warm-up, DiSpirito will race down the West Side Highway, climb 52 flights at 7 World Trade (then take the elevator down?), hurl himself over a taxi, scale a rope wall, and stroll to the magazine’s free festival that day at Piers 16 and 17 where, presumably, sweaty R-Spirit can finally return to schmoozing with confused tourists and/or adoring cougar fans. We’re actually quite impressed with what it takes to stay camera-ready, and might even swing by the Seaport to see what could well be the next reality show in the making. Ripped With Rocco certainly has a ring to it.