Reality Star Matt Levine Gets Props From the Old School

Misting up a little at Lewis's kind words…
Misting up a little at Lewis’s kind words… Photo: Patrick McMullan

Some good news for Matt Levine, whose soon-to-open club the Eldridge, um, “captured the fascination” of commenters and inspired, um, “tributes” such as club NM-UH and, presumably, El Baño. It seems Levine is moonlighting as a contestant on VH1’s Project Runway–type show Glam Gods, but that doesn’t dissuade Steve Lewis from heartily endorsing him as a fellow club operator. “I personally would like to weigh in and say that I think it’s gonna be fun,” says Uncle Steve. “One of the best bottle hosts in town told me, ‘Matt is going to kill it. He has a large crew of spenders and certainly enough people to buy into his shtick to ensure success.’” And he goes on: “He’s getting grief cause he’s young and brash and has dared to be self promoting. That’s his gig. It’s what he is supposed to do. I like him. I find him to be respectful, honest, and most important enthusiastic. These are qualities decidedly lacking in most of the players today.” Look for a laser-engraved entry card in Lewis’s mailbox in three, two, one…

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